6ABC Reveals 2020-2021 Winter Weather Outlook For Our Area!

Well, we’re at that part of the year again! Winter and snow are on the horizon - so how much snow will fall this season?

6ABC’s Cecily Tyson and Adam Joseph have officially revealed their 2020-2021 Winter Weather Outlook for our area!

If you’re a big snow fan, you may be disappointed - the early outlook for this Winter could look a lot like last year - above normal temperatures and less of a chance of major snow. They even had that usually the different models disagree, but all of them are actually agreeing right now that, as of now, we’re looking at higher than normal temperatures, which leads to a lack of snow.

However, while we got minimal snow last Winter, we could get *some* this time around - just not as much as usual.

Right now, they say we can anticipate the possibility of 9-12 inches for the Winter in Philadelphia, 15-18 inches in Lehigh, and 6-9 inches at the Shore.

Click HERE to watch the entire video!

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