The Community Helps Dirty Frank's at 13th and Pine

As financial struggles are growing for so many businesses.. the popular Philly bar Dirty Frank’s asked the local community for help to survive the pandemic.

Dirty Frank's, a popular Philly joint since the 1930's, is at 13th and Pine streets, and was originally closed for five months because of the corona virus pandemic. They reopened in July for cocktails to go, but keeping indoor capacity to 25% was barely enough to cover its operating costs.

The bar is hurting now more than ever with no indoor service until 2021. So Dirty Frank's launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover its rent and bills, and to keep staff afloat.

The great news is, the community responded! As of Sunday, November 29th, the campaign brought in $15,000, with a goal of reaching $25,000. In this time of struggle, people are helping each other, and this is a story I wanted to share.

We are Philly proud!


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