Staying Positive in 2020...But How?

It's been hard for people to be happy and cheerful in 2020, but some folks are going out of their way to keep their positive outlook on life. There's a new survey from SWNS Digital that finds three-quarters of Americans say the constant stream of bad news has taken a toll on them in 2020. So, many do something positive every day like smiling, (just because), donating to local charities to help others, trying to make someone laugh once a day, or volunteering in a safe fashion.

So how can you cheer yourself up? Here are some simple ideas:

Watch your favorite movie, eat a favorite snack, go for a walk, call your friends, cuddle your pet, cuddle your loved ones, bake cookies, sing in the shower, and one of my favorite things to do...turn the music up and do a solo dance. Dancing is good exercise, too.

These are just a few simple suggestions to keep the faith and hang in there in this most difficult of years for everyone.

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