Strange Case: The Death Of A Instagram Influencer

The distraught husband of a Pennsylvania native and 26 year old Instagram influencer, Alexis Sharkey, who was found naked and dead on the side of a Houston highway this past weekend in Texas, where they lived, told a TV station that his wife wasn't the happy person she portrayed on social media, and things weren't what they seemed. But while Tom Sharkey says they had a solid marriage, some of Lexi's friends are disputing that. The husband said he’s now getting death threats. Alexis Starkey had 26 thousand Instagram followers, now over 57 thousand since her body was found November 28th.  Her last post was November 22nd.

Alexis' mother and friends think there was foul play and she was murdered, and her friends said she was scared for her life lately. Autopsy results are pending. The cops are investigating but haven’t haven't said much. 

There's more to come in this story.