Check Out My Dog Jet's DNA

I have been dying to know the origin of our beloved Jet, our 9 year old (already!) gorgeous little bulky, smart and agile mutt. So I embarked on it with Embark, a company affiliated with Cornell University.

I got the kit, swabbed his cheek, sent it back, and it took 6 weeks for the scientists there to spin his DNA and genomes and comapre with the markers of hundreds of breeds. It's all science. Not only do they tell you your dog's breed breakdown, but they include a family tree down to great grandparents. It's so cool.

So the Jetman is 50% Miniature Australian Shepherd, which I always thought. But he's 26% American Eskimo dog which was such a surprise! They are all white with a thick furry coat...and he has htat. for sure. He's also 16% Brittany Spaniel, which accounts for his coloring (we had a Brittany named Dixie, and they are lovely dogs). The biggest surprise? 7% Beagle! What? This was such fun, and Embark can also tell you, with hard science, what diseases your dog is prone to.

We love Jet no matter what...

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