Taylor Swift Told Paul McCartney A Secret

Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift are on the cover of Rolling Stone together, and Paul reveals that he was the only person Taylor told about her new album evermore

Taylor gave Paul a heads-up via e mail about evermore's release as a courtesy. Then she changed the date twice....but why?

The former Beatle says Taylor specifically changed the release date of evermore because she didn't want to release it on the same day as Paul's new album McCartney III. And when he changed the release date, she changed her release date again.

Paul said: "So, you know, people do keep out of each other’s way. It’s a nice thing to do."

McCartney III is coming out this Friday, December 18th, while evermore came out December 11th. McCartney III by the way, is has this title because it's the third time he did an album and played every instrument himself. At home. During quarantine. Rolling Stone says it has resulted in some of his most wildly ambitious songs in a long time.

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