Tom Cruise Takes A Break After Another Rant

Tom Cruise, who's been a little rattled lately, has decided to take an early Christmas break. He sure does need to chill after he was caught on audio berating his "Mission Impossible 7" staff for not following the strict Covid 19 rules on the movie set. You can't blame him, he just wants everyone to stay safe and employed during this pandemic, but maybe he could have been a little nicer? Five staffers already quit the movie after the first outburst, where Tom was screaming and berating two guys for standing too close to each other, throwing f- bombs around.

Cruise will be wrapping up filming for the year today, and is heading to Miami over the weekend on his private jet to spend the holidays with his son, Connor. The actor has a multi million condo in Clearwater, Florida, just 400 yards away from the Church of Scientology's 'Flag" building. He is a devout member of Scientology, and I hear his son Connor is, too.