Don't Make These Mask Mistakes

Face masks are very important, to stop the spread of corona virus and flu virus. It's a fact that the incidence of flu is down this season because of face masks. But a Huffington Post survey finds people are making some big face mask mistakes, which could make them less affective.

They are:

You aren’t covering your nose and mouth with your mask– This is a big one. So many people let the mask fall below their nose, in which case, they do nothing to protect you. This completely negates the benefits of wearing a mask.

You aren’t washing your hands before and after you take off your mask– To be safe from transmitting the virus you should wash your hands for 20-30 seconds before and after wearing your mask.

You aren’t cleaning your face after wearing a mask– Just a third of people are doing this, and not doing it gives some people mask acne.

You’re sharing a mask with others– No no no!!! Some admit to sharing masks without washing them. That’s totally unhygienic.

You’re reusing disposable masks– They are designed for short term use. Almost half the people in a survey admit to reusing disposable masks multiple times. You should throw them out after a use or two or three...

You’re washing your disposable mask– They are disposable for a reason. Don't defeat the purpose.

You aren’t washing your reusable mask for days or even weeks– The CDC recommends washing reusable masks after EVERY use.

You aren’t storing your mask correctly– Store them away from other people. The CDC suggests putting them in a dry, breathable bag. Also store dirty masks in a plastic bag until they are ready to be cleaned.

Hope this helps. Stay safe.

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