Bad Valentine's Gifts You Don't Want to Give...Or Get!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so please don't buy your love a pet hamster! What's worse than not getting your loved one a gift is getting them something that just doesn't say "love," you know?

A new survey has revealed the worst Valentine’s Day gifts ever given. Here are some NOT to give so you don’t make your love go...."WHAT?"

More than 3/4 of users on say they got a gift they didn’t enjoy. Here are some of the worst:

  • Wilted Flowers
  • A picture frame with no picture in it
  • A pet hamster
  • An online workout subscription
  • An open bottle of wine / liquor
  • An old VHS movie

These are no-no gifts, too:

Pets. (including a hamster!) Listen, pets are great, but they are a commitment, and a lot of work, which isn’t really all that romantic when you think about it. If you really want to do this, make sure they are totally on board with the idea. 

Engagement style rings. Because unless you are getting down on your knees to propose, you should never get your significant other a ring that LOOKS like an engagement ring.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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