If You Love Grape Nuts....

Oh no! There's a shortage of Grape Nuts! In fact, boxes are turning up on eBay and Amazon and someone tried to sell a four-pound box online for $110!

Whether or not you eat this cereal, there are a lot of Americans who have noticed a shortage of Grape Nuts on their grocery shelves. It turns out Grape Nuts fans have been dealing with empty shelves for months, and many are worrying that the high-fiber cereal is being discontinued.

But don't worry, Grape Nuts fans. A rep for the cereal insists it isn’t going away, but says they’ve been dealing with “supply constraints and higher cereal demand amid the pandemic." The production process for Grape Nuts that isn’t easy, which has made it more difficult to shift production to meet demand during this time.

The shortages started last year and also affected Grape Nuts Flakes, which should be back in stores now. By the way, Grape Nuts, which don't really contain any grapes or nuts, will be fully back on store shelves in Spring. Wait, SPRING? But I love Grape Nuts!

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