Can You Help Valentine the Cat At The Morris Animal Shelter?

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. In fact, I just made an appointment for my dog Jet to get his teeth cleaned.

After all, our pets can't brush their own teeth, and we have to make sure to keep their mouth healthy. It's a fact that dental disease is really common in cats, mostly senior felines, and treatment can be expensive. But it's also preventable! 

Here's Valentine, an 8 year old stray brought to Morris Animal Refuge with severe dental issues. While they can't go back in time and prevent her dental problems, they can do their best to assess and extract diseased teeth and clean remaining ones. Treatment costs could reach as high as $1,800. If you want to help get Valentine healthy, comfortable, and ready for her forever home, you can donate today by clicking HERE.

The animals from Morris say thank you from the oldest shelter right here in Philadelphia, where they get great care every day, with your help.

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