The Story of A Lost Dog: Milo, The English Springer Spaniel

Milo, a dog from Kent County Michigan, was missing from his family for 43 days. 43 days in the cold winter! The local animal shelter that said the dog had been last spotted in early February, but the case remained cold for nearly two weeks.

It was nearly 20 miles away from his family that residents in the town of Sand Lake kept hearing a dog bark over the course of a few days. Then they looked around and found Milo stuck in a grain silo, all the way down. The pooch lost 33 pounds and was suffering from the blistering cold, but somehow survived. Click HERE to see a picture of Milo. (The picture here is of our dearly departed English Springer Sandi.)

The Kent County Animal Shelter said the silo's 10-foot-high walls prevented Milo from climbing back out, so town residents helped animal control officers loop a rope around the dog and hoist him to safety. Lost Paws is a local pet finder service that saw a January 8th post from a family in a nearby town looking for a a dog that looked a lot like the one they rescued from the silo, and they helped the shelter with the final task of finding Milo's family.

A Facebook post from the Kent County Animal Shelter said Milo immediately recognized his family when they were reunited, and there were many tears shed. It sure was a happy ending for man and beast.

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