We Can Hear You in The Bedroom!

Noisy neighbors suck. Occasional loud music or television is okay, but a couple in Australia is causing some drama with their loud bedroom habits.

Recently one of their neighbors shared an embarrassing letter on Reddit, a letter left for them by their neighbors informing them their sexcapades have become a problem in the building. 

The letter said, in part, “YOUR WALLS ARE PAPER THIN,” The note also says they are waking up their neighbors in the early morning with their sex noises, the neighbors are "mortified," and says "You are showing very little respect for the people living all around you who have little kids who are traumatized by the noises!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS when you have sex because it is NOT SEXY AT ALL." Yikes.

The note also warns the couple not to leave their bathroom door open because people on the path outside can see into the shower. The note ended asking the couple to keep their relations "private, like normal respectful people do,” and it was signed by their “sleep-deprived neighbors.” The neighbors say they thought of getting back at the noisemakers by being louder, but they don’t really want to do that. Boy, that would be some neighborhood, wouldn't it mate?

Photo: Getty

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