What Did You Love As a Kid That You Hate Now?

People on a thread on Reddit were happy to chime in recently when asked “What’s something you loved as a kid but hate as a adult?” In fact, there were over 19 thousand comments to share on this Throwback Thursday!

One thing a lot of people brought up was mail. That's regular mail AND e mail. About regular mail, one person said: “Mail to me now is just junk that makes me annoyed about the waste of paper AND that I now have to deal with this sh*t I don't want.” Another made this comment about e-mail: “I was in college when I got an email address - was super excited to get an email. Now, I hate getting them because it’s either a stupid meeting or something I have to do/address at work.”

The now "grown-ups" mentioned some other things too, like sleeping over a friend’s house....something they enjoyed as a kid, but aren’t into anymore. Yes, adults want to sleep in their own bed!

Carnival rides, snow, swimming in public pools, making new friends, talking on the phone, and foods like gelatin desserts, candy corn, frosting, canned pasta, buffets and even fast-food are other things adults don't enjoy. And how about this? There were even people who admitted to now hating “other kids.”

It sounds like some of these "grown-ups" are just old and crochety now!

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