These Monsters are Reviving The Movies!

Monsters are reviving the movies!

Warner Brothers' "Godzilla vs. Kong" brought in the biggest opening weekend of the pandemic era so far.... $48.5 million over the five-day holiday weekend in North America!

This is a great sign that the movies are on the mend, and people are heading back to the theaters, and this radioactive lizard and oversized ape are popular enough to kick it off...and kick each other's butt!

I saw the film on HBO Max, where it's also available. But I would suggest seeing this film, with UNBELIEVABLE effects and epic battles, on the biggest screen you can at the movie theater! A $48.5 million opening weekend in normal times would usually not be worth celebrating, but movie theaters have been ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic for more than a year, shut down around the world, and blockbusters have been delayed.

The opening of "Godzilla vs. Kong" is also a good sign that streaming, which is Hollywood's future, can do good business alongside theatergoing, which is a big part of Hollywood's past.

What other big films are coming to theaters this summer? The next Fast & Furious film, "F9," in June, and Disney and Marvel's "Black Widow," which is set for theaters and Disney+ in July.

Is the successful box office roll out of "Godzilla vs. Kong" a one time event or the beginning of a big turnaround for cineplexes? We'll see...

Photo: Valerie Knight

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