Shaquille O'Neal Is A Good Guy

Shaquille O'Neal is a good Samaritan....doing something recently that will make you love the ex-Hoops great even more. Shaq was in an Atlanta Zales jewelry store when he noticed a young man buying an engagement ring 

Shaq overheard the guy...who remains unidentified... asking how much his balance payoff was. That’s when the TNT announcer walked up to the register, whipped out his card, and paid for the ring himself! Of course someone got it on tape and posted it to the Internet. O'Neal told the guy, “Tell your girlfriend I got it.”  The almost engaged guy and the sales person were both floored!

It turns out the NBA legend wasn’t doing it for credit or kudos. He didn't even want to acknowledge it, even after someone posted it. He told his “NBA on TNT” co-hosts that he just wants to make people happy. Shaq said: “Whenever I leave the house, I just try and do a good deed.” A good deed, indeed.

What a story this couple will have to tell to their kids!

Photo: Getty

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