The Kind of Marijuana Do Americans Want To Try Most

April 20 is considered a holiday by most marijuana users, and now that more states are legalizing it, more folks are interested in joining in and trying the weed. But it's not all weed anymore! Pot comes in many forms.

A new YouGov poll asked Americans what cannabis products they wanted to try the most, and here are the results...

Chocolate and pot...baked goods anyway, were what 27% of folks said they were most interested in trying. Those edibles are baked goods, chocolates, candies and snacks. Other products people mentioned are flower/bud for smoking (20%), Topical body products (20%), pills, lozenges, oral sprays (20%), infused beverages (15%), concentrates/extracts for vaping(15%)

The poll also showed not everyone is open to sampling cannabis in any form, with 44% of people saying they have no interest in any of these products. There are marijuana products you can ingest that just contain the pain reliever and calmer cannabis without the THC. Put the THC in, and you get the high.

And not surprisingly, because women are more into "products", the ladies are more likely to be interested in topical body products and facial products than men.

Brownies anyone? Or maybe not.....

Photo: Getty

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