Are You Afraid To Re-Enter Society After Covid?

We've been isolated for a year, we've been taking strict measures to avoid the corona virus, but now that many of us are vaccinated, we are slowly re-opening. Maybe you've already gone out and feel good about it. But there are still many others who don't feel comfortable at all. One local paramedic says he's seen folks afraid to leave their house, and in fact, haven't left it for a year. Yes, many people everywhere are starting to experience what medical experts are calling "re-entry anxiety."

They're studying this at the University of Pennsylvania where they are seeing a significant uptick in anxiety and depression, and experts are calling it an aftershock of the pandemic. If you are already anxious, do you have the mentality that you could never be too safe? Do thoughts of being out in public or back at the office make you uncomfortable? Doctors say this reasoning isn't good, and you probably have "re-entry anxiety." The experts say keep pushing yourself to do the things that you need to do to get back out there, and sometimes it takes baby steps, like meeting a friend outside at a park.

It may make you feel better to know that you are not many feel safer to stay inside. But you have to go out eventually, so get help if you need it with a trusted professional, and tackle that anxiety so you can slowly return to life as it was...

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