Her Fingernails Were 24 Feet Long!!!

Ayanna Williams of Houston had fingernails that she didn't break, and so she broke records...her nails were 24 FEET, 0.7 inches long! WHAT???

Williams already broke the Guinness World Record for the world's longest fingernails in 2017, when they measured nearly 19 feet long. It took more than two bottles of nail polish and 20 hours to do her manicure then. When did she have time to do anything else? Well, it turns out Ayanna says she was not able to wash the dishes or put sheets on a bed. I guess I'm being judgy, but I wonder what her house looked like...) Now she says her new goal is to encourage another history-maker to go for a Guinness World Records title for longest nails.

Recently she cut those record breakers off at a dermatologist in Fort Worth, Texas. The manicure took three to four bottles of nail polish over the course of a few days, and an electric rotary tool was used for her first nail cut since the EARLY 1990'S! What motivated her to grow her nails so long for so long? Miss Williams didn't reveal that.

Now she plans to only grow her nails about six inches and Ripley's Believe It or Not!, will display her trimmed nails at its museum in Orlando, Florida.

By the way, the record for the longest fingernails ever on a pair of female hands belongs to Lee Redmond, who started to grow them in 1979. They reached 28 feet, but she lost them in a car accident in 2009.

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