Was That A White Power Hand Gesture on "Jeopardy?"

There's a group of 467 alleged former "Jeopardy" contestants who issued an open letter on the Medium platform this week. They are demanding an apology from the show producers for not catching a “Jeopardy” winner allegedly flashing a white power hand gesture! On Tuesday, the contestant Kelly Donohue held his thumb and forefinger together with his other three fingers extended and palm facing inward, and he tapped his chest. Donohue claims he was showing that he’d won three games, and had gestured with one finger and two fingers to indicate previous wins.  But what's the real truth?

I am a nightly "Jeopardy " watcher, and I have to say, there was something about this contestant that hit me the wrong way. I thought Kelly Donahue was very smug about his winnings over a few days, and good for him, I guess, because he won a lot of money. But did he also make this ugly gesture? Contestants sign morals and ethics agreements when they appear on the show, so did this guy violate the agreement?

The former contestants claimed the move was similar to a gesture used by white power groups and alt-right groups.  

There has been no apology or comment from the "Jeopardy" powers-that-be.

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