Use These Excuses To Get Out Of a Speeding Ticket

It's the worst when you hear that siren and see that cop behind you and you KNOW you're speeding. While some officers show no mercy, there are some people who have been able to talk cops out of writing that ticket. So, how did they do it? A new survey by reveals that half the people got out of a speeding ticket by using an excuse.

Here are the top ones: I didn't know I was speeding, I had a medical emergency. Hey! Everyone else was going the same speed! Plus, I'm late for work, and, of course, I have to use the bathroom.

These speeders said if these don't work, ask for a warning to get out of a ticket. But if you get one, appeal it, because in 2021 so far, 28% appealed their speeding ticket, with most of those people being successful in court.

It's a good idea to go the speed limit, though, and avoid a brush with the law.

Photo: Getty

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