Your Pets May Not Be Happy When You Return To The Office

Our pets had it made during the pandemic. We were home all the time and they got spoiled. But now reality sets in as we head back to work. We have to adapt, but so do our furry friends.

If you adopted you pet during quarantine, it may even be harder for them to understand where you're going.

So here's how to prep your pooch:

Put them in a separate room to get acclimated to being alone

Set your pet up with a familiar, safe space that’s cozy (get a dogs always loved their's their safe place)

Desensitize them to departure cues like keys jingling

This is important ...don’t make a big deal over goodbyes and hellos.

Walk your dog!

If you’re gone for long periods, have a friend or dogwalker check in on them

If the dog misbehaves while you’re gone, it may be because of stress, so don't punish them.

Good luck, and as always, give then lots of love.

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