Sneezing? Pollen is Everywhere!

Does your car have that yellow film all over it these days? Well, mine does too, and they say it every year, but pollen counts are high and its not going away any time soon.

Who are "they" anyway? Well, "they" are the scientists and experts and here's what they are saying about this allergy season this Spring.

Pollen counts have gotten worse over the last 20 years, and the season is getting longer each year. The lack of rain around the Philly area hasn't helped, as dry weather makes pollen and allergies worse. It's even more of a problem in late Spring when pollen from trees and grass are working together. An expert says the rise in global temperatures plays a role in the increase, too.

You may get some relief from keeping your windows closed at home, washing your hair before getting in bed, and washing your clothes as soon as you get home.

Oh, and the experts also say this round of sneezing and allergies will last until July 4th. But then there's ragweed allergies in the fall..... a choo

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