Can You Sleep If There's An Insect In Your House?

It's Springtime, and bees are buzzing and bugs are plentiful. Most people don't like bugs and insects, and most people surveyed say they couldn't even sleep if they knew there was a bug crawling around somewhere. Plus, there are some crawly creatures people hate more than others. 

This survey from SWNS Digital also said people lose an average of 36 hours of sleep because they are afraid of insects. Some said they would want to burn their house down if they saw a bug! Wow, that is scared!

What's the most hated bug? A cockroach, of course. Other hated bugs include spiders, ants, ticks, mosquitos, ticks......well, just about all that crawl.

So catch the bug, flush it down the toilet, or throw it outside, and get some sleep.

Photo: Getty

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