Jessica Biel Says She Had A Secret Covid Baby

Back in January Justin Timberlake confirmed that he and his wife Jessica Biel welcomed a second son last summer, and named him Phineas. It was after months of many wondering if Jessica was having a baby or not...after all we were all locked down during the pandemic. Jessica talked to Dax Shepard on his “Armchair Expert” podcast, and said she didn’t mean for Phineas to be “a secret COVID baby.”

It was just timing, says the actress. The pandemic had just hit, she went to her native Montana with her family and stayed there. Then she gave birth to Phineas at a Minnesota hospital. She said the hospital rules had just changed and she was worried that her hubby that JT wouldn’t be allowed in the delivery room. But, luckily he was in there.

Biel talked about the time no one was allowed in at all, and she was really nervous she might have to go it alone. Jessica said: "I think if I had to be there alone, that would have been horrible. I would have been really scared.” But Daddy JT was there.

Photo: Getty

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