She'll Cuddle, But No Messing Around

Have you ever heard of a professional cuddler? Well, there is one in Chicago, her name is Keeley Shoup, and she makes $100 per hour providing non-sexual cuddling for clients. There's no sex allowed, but Shoup has had some weird requests.

One client asked to have a tickle fight, one asked her to read a children’s book (not a child) to them, one wanted to wrestle around like a puppy for a “sense of play.” Keeley says she doesn't judge the requests, strange as they can be, and likes that her clients trust her enough to ask for the things they want.

The professional cuddler says she provides intimacy to people who otherwise wouldn’t have human contact. She's been doing it for some seven years and has been very busy since pandemic lockdown. Yes, cuddling is important to humans, for sure.

Photo: Getty

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