Cancelled on NBC, You Can Watch 'Manifest' on Netflix

Pictured are the cast of "Manifest", (L-R) Parveen Kaur, Jack Messina, Melissa Roxburgh and J.R. Ramirez Photo: Getty

Are you a fan of "Manifest," the NBC drama about a plane that mysteriously returns after vanishing five years earlier? well, it's been canceled by NBC.. The network decided not to go ahead with a fourth season a week after the drama's Season 3 finale, and this stirred up a strong online reaction from fans who want the show to continue.

So there's good news if you love this show. "Manifest" is on Netflix, and was in the Top 5 as the most watched show on the streamer! It was even #1 for a time, a testament to its' popularity.

Here are the Top Ten Netflix shows this week...are you watching?

1. Sweet Tooth

2. Manifest

3. Lucifer

4. Cocomelon

5. Dirty John: Betty Broderick

6. L.A.'s Finest

7. Alone

8. Fried, Fresh & Crispy

9. Kim's Convenience

10. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat-Noir

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