There's A Chicken Wings Shortage!

America loves chicken wings, so what will we do when there aren't enough to go around?? Wingstop, a fave stop for wings, thinks they have a solution. Eat chicken thighs!

In an effort to push eating thighs instead of wings, Wingstop has launched the virtual “Thightstop,” hoping customers will be open to ordering crispy chicken thighs instead of wings. Wings are scarce because of their cost.....a pound of wings has skyrocketed from 98 cents just a year ago to $3.22!

Thighstop will be similar to Wingstop, as customers still have the option of one of the chain’s 11 flavors. They can also choose between bone-in or boneless thighs.

The new thigh choice is being offered in all of Wingstop’s nationwide locations, or through their website or Door Dash.

My husband and I eat thighs all the time...they are juicy and delicious! Give them a try..

Photo: Getty

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