Want To Dress Like "Bridgerton?"

If your a fan of “Bridgerton”, now you can dress the part.

Hill House Home, with it's 'nap dress', has partnered with Netflix, Shondaland and Phenomenal on a limited-edition line of lounge frocks, in three styles, that the ladies wear on the massively popular series. .

At $125 each, and in two colors, the style called “Nesli” features a new “Whistledown Trellis” print exclusive to this collaboration by Hill House. You can also buy $40 hair accessories handcrafted in Italy and available in both pink and blue.

The look is from what's called the 'Regency' period in England, from the years 1811 to 1820. The Shonda Rhimes-produced show has sparked an obsession with looks from the show like corsets, empire waists and pearls....even superfan Kim Kardashian copied the look! The nap dress for sale is designed though, for comfort and lounging.

Click HERE to buy a Bridgerton frock!

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