Rediscovering Phone Vs. Text

Believe it or not, a new report says more and more young folks have rediscovered the art of actually talking to someone on the phone.

One New Jersey girl says she will only give short answers if she receives a text noting, “If they want to elaborate, they can call me”. How about that?

But there are some that still don’t embrace the phone call, which makes it awkward for those who do. One 24 year old said: “I’ve had those moments where someone’s like ‘Why are you calling me?’ ” Hello?

Some are okay with texting at first, when it comes to the first date, but after that, as things progress, it should move to phone calls, many in the report say, or it will be an issue. That's good news! I wouldn't want to see "I love you": in a text, but hear it!

Click HERE to read the entire article in The New York Post

Photo: Getty

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