This Guy on Tik-Tok Was Pregnant For A Day

If men had to go through pregnancy, well, they probably wouldn't be able to, right?

A male TikToker proves the point. Australian influencer Maitland Hanley did a series titled “Man Tries To Be Pregnant for a Day.

He strapped a 20-pound watermelon to his belly, and that is about the average amount of weight a woman gains while pregnant, along with smaller melons to represent bigger breasts. He then tried to perform some everyday tasks and learned, pretty fast, just how hard it is to be pregnant. 

Of course his videos have gone viral on TikTok with millions of views, show him failing miserably right from the start. He struggles to get out of bed. He’s on the floor and rolls on to his belly, with a laughing friend telling him “you can’t lay on your baby like that.” Uh, no, you can't!

He tries to put on shoes, struggles to get out of a bath and more. Tik Tokker Hanley says the only benefit of his huge belly was that he had a place to balance his food and drinks on! Very bravely, he even tried doubling up his load to simulate a twins pregnancy, and failed at that, too...

It's a good thing nature leaves it to the ladies.

Photo: Getty

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