Most Americans Can't Even Do 10 Push-Ups

It’s no secret that a lot of Americans are out of shape, and it's pretty bad. Push-ups aren't always easy, but most Americans can't even do 10, and women are worse off than men.

A new Gymless survey says the nationwide standard for men between 20 and 49 should be between 13 and 28 pushups, and for women in the same age range it should be between 11 and 20. But fat chance of that. This standard is from the American College of Sports Medicine.

Overall, just a bit over half of men and women can only complete 10 or fewer pushups.

Of those who say they can’t do more than 10 pushups, 69% were women, compared to 31% who are men, regardless of age. The majority of those who could only do five or fewer pushups where under the age of 55.  Yikes!

While we like to celebrate all body images and types, we Americans have to get a bit more fit. There's no excuse for this! It's starts and stops with a good diet and regular exercise. So get moving, and good luck.

Photo: Getty

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