Are You Gambling Like 45 Million Other Americans?

The NFL kicks off it's season tomorrow, and while you could be upset when your team loses, you could be broke, too. The American Gaming Association did a study that says more than 45.2 million Americans, or 18% of the U.S. adult population, will be placing bets on NFL games this season!

Here's some other gambling facts: :

21.7 million Americans will place casual bets with friends, an increase of 31% from last year.

19.5 mil will do their betting online, either legally or illegally, an increase of 73% from last year!

37% of NFL fans plan to place a wager this season.

Click HERE for the rest of the stats.

So, with all this betting going on, who do folks think will win it all this year? The Kansas City Chiefs were the top choice to win the Super Bowl.

Photo: Getty

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