Johnny Depp Slams The Cancel Culture

Johnny Depp, who's had his own troubles lately with his ex Amber Heard, made an appearance at Spain’s San Sebastian Film Festival yesterday. He accepted the Donostia Award, given to actors and film directors every year. And he took the opportunity to speak out against “cancel culture.”

Depp didn’t hold back. He talked about how social media and so-called “cancel culture” affects celebrities and public figures. While the actor called it a “complex situation,” he also said it’s “so far out of hand that no one is safe” from people making “instant” judgments. He thinks “the truth is all you need to stand up” against what he calls “injustice.”

He said it's happened to him, but also to women, men and children who at a certain point begin to think that it’s normal. Depp said it's "this instant rush to judgement based on essentially what amounts to polluted air.”

You can read the entire article HERE, from Variety.

Photo: Getty

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