Big Feet Could Mean He's Gonna Cheat

How can you know if your man may cheat or you or not? Look down! Does he have big feet?

A new survey by the cheating website Illicit Encounters finds that men with big feet are more likely to cheat. Can you believe those with size 10 feet and above are twice as likely to cheat as men with size seven feet or smaller?

Here are the stats:

Men with size 11 feet were found most likely to cheat (29%), followed by size 10 (25%), size 12 (22%), and size 13 and above (21%).

Is it because men with bigger feet tend to be tall, so they are likely to get more attention? It could be, but shorter guys have big feet, too. Illicit Encounters, who conducted the survey says: "the data doesn’t lie."

So ladies, Look down and check out the shoe size before you look into their eyes and check out the man.

Photo: Getty

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