Pennsylvania's Favorite Christmas Candy Is...

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It’s still the first week of December, but we’re already enjoying all the sweets the season has to offer. You might not think of Christmas as a big candy holiday, but the National Confectionary Association estimates consumers will spend $1.93-billion on candy during the holiday season.

And since you want to be stuffing the right candy in those stockings, was kind enough to create a list for us of the most popular holiday candy in each state, based on a survey of 50,000 customers. 

In PA, it's Candy Canes!

Here are some of the favorites:

  • Alabama - Reindeer corn. The lesser-known version of its Halloween counterpart.
  • California - Peppermint bark
  • Colorado - Hershey’s Kisses
  • Connecticut - M&M’s
  • Florida - Skittles. Seriously, Florida? That’s not even a Christmas candy!
  • Georgia - Candy canes
  • Hawaii - Starburst
  • Illinois - Jolly Ranchers. Another non-holiday choice.
  • New Jersey - Reese’s Minis
  • New York - Skittles. Who knew these were so popular at Christmas?
  • North Carolina - Pez
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