Michigan Bakery Donating Cakes to Families in Need on Easter

With Easter approaching on Sunday, April 12, the holiday will be very different this year. Families will be observing the holiday remotely (even if it means being apart in their respective homes), and for those who have lost their jobs, spending money on things like dessert for Easter is most likely not top of mind. But a community group and a bakery in Kalamazoo, Michigan are helping to make this year's festivities a little bit brighter.

Kalamazoo community members are donating cakes from Menchies, a frozen yogurt and cake shop, to families in need, which came about in a post on Facebook in a group supporting local businesses.

Manager of Menchies, Larissa Martins, recently told West Michigan's 3WWMT, "It's not myself, it's a group of wonderful women in the Kalamazoo community. They decided to pay it forward to the people who had the unfortunate situation of losing their jobs. So, they're ordering cakes for people and are coordinating and sending all of the orders to us."

Inga Springman, a social media director in Kalamazoo, also told the news station, "So, then I thought you know what? What if I just pay-it-forward? So, I decided that I was going to donate three cakes to whoever in our community who was in need. That either suffered a layoff or is in the medical field and going to be away for Easter. It's just a small gesture."

Springman is spearheading rounding up all of the donors who are paying for the cakes and lets Larissa know who the donated cakes are going to. And what started off as three cakes in a day, quickly turned into 35 cakes from other donors.

Not only is this pay-it-forward initiative supporting the small business, but it's also spreading joy to those in need this year during this time. Springman said, "It was just to encourage people to continue to do takeout from local mom-and-pop shops. Not from the national chains that have funding and what not, it’s just to keep our local community supporting our local businesses."