11 Lingering Questions After Seeing Jordan Peele's "Us"

If you're like us and have now seen Jordan Peele's new horror flick, "Us", you likely have a LOT of questions! The editors at Washington Post seemingly thought so too, because they did all their research and did the best they could to find answers to 11 of the lingering questions from the film!

Examples of a few of the questions they asked, include:

Can we talk about sustaining life underground for a moment?
How can these human forms live without any sunlight (vitamin D deficiency, anyone?)? Are we to believe their only food is a steady diet of raw rabbit? Why not cook the rabbit, since Pluto (Evan Alex) clearly has access to fire since he burned half of his face? How do the rabbits live? What is the agriculture situation underground? While this all sounds like hell, which maybe is the point, how many generations can live in such conditions before disease does away with them? And where are they getting all of these clothes? Scissors? Many logistical questions!
Can someone unpack this government experiment?
In the last act of the movie, Red quickly explains that a government experiment gone wrong is why there are a bunch of shadow-selves lurking about underground. In an effort to control the populace, the government created a class of tethered individuals, but it abandoned the project upon realizing that two bodies had to share one soul.
Given the wretched experience Red had living underground, we’re led to believe that it had been a long, long time since any attention was paid to the tethered, but who knows when the project began. The news coverage and mass confusion after the tethered made their attacks showed that the powers that be were unaware of who these invaders were. Maybe this was some sort of top-secret, CIA experiment that other agencies knew nothing about? Government bureaucracy strikes again!

Check out the other 9 questions HERE! What did you think of the film? Did you like it?

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