Lori Loughlin & Husband's New Defense: "We Didn't Know"

The twists and turns of the College Bribery Scandal continue, with no end in sight, as Lori Loughlin and her husband have a new defense (after they plead not guilty) that will surely turn some heads -- they say... they had NO idea about the entire scheme!

TMZ reports:

Our sources say ... lawyers for Lori and Mossimo Giannulli didn't take a plea early on because they believe they have a solid defense on several fronts. First, ringleader Rick Singer did not tell them how he would use the $500k to get their daughters into the school. Fact ... they were aware Rick Singer wanted pics of the girls on a rowing machine, but they say that doesn't mean they knew the end game. It's true ... knowledge and intent are key elements to proving bribery, and we're told Lori and Mossimo's lawyers are making that a centerpiece of their defense ... their only intent is to generally get their daughters into USC by using a "facilitator" who got hundreds of other students into colleges. One big problem ... according to the complaint, Giannulli -- not Loughlin -- sent at least $100k directly to the assistant athletic director. And, we're told, they have a more basic defense ... colleges have horse-traded with relatives of prospective students for decades ... e.g., fund the wing of a school building and your child will miraculously get accepted. It's not only been tolerated by many schools ... it's aggressively encouraged by some of the schools, and parents know it.

It doesn't exactly sound like this one is going to add up, since it appears that by the payment they DID know what they were getting themselves into. Do you think this is just another lie to try and get them out of it?

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