Bride: Am I A “Jerk” For Not Having An Open Bar At My Wedding?

While some people may love to go to weddings, others hate them, and usually head straight for the bar in order to help them get through the affair. But not all couples feel the need to shell out extra cash for an open bar, and one bride recently asked the Internet whether that was okay or not.

An anonymous bride took to a Facebook wedding group for advice on whether or not an open bar was a must. She explained that her wedding was going to be a brunch, and since she and her soon-to-be spouse didn’t drink they were thinking of skipping the open bar, asking the group whether she was being a “jerk” if she didn’t provide booze for guests.

Well, it seems a lot of people had opinions, with over 800 people chiming in, and the responses were pretty mixed.

Many folks said guests expected some sort of booze, with some noting not having any would be “super tacky,” while others said no open bar would be “disappointing” for guests. One person noted, “I work in catering and every dry/limited drinks wedding has been godawfully boring. I know alcohol doesn't make a party but just from personal experience I would recommend.”

Several suggested that since it’s brunch it’s okay to not do an open bar, but many felt they should at least do beer and wine, or maybe Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and Bellinis, since that’s customary for brunch.

But there were also plenty of people who insisted the couple weren’t obligated to provide booze for their guests. “I don't know why people expect an open bar at a wedding, they're getting a free meal so they can pay for their own drinks!,” one person noted. “It's a day to celebrate your wedding, not for people to get paralytic just because it's free for them.”

Source: Daily Mail

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