WATCH: Alex Trebek Gives Another Health Update

Alex Trebekis continuing to be candid about his battle with pancreatic cancer. He stopped by ABC’s “Good Morning America” yesterday to give fans another health update, and open up about the unexpected aspects of his journey.

Trebek assured that all is well according to his oncologist, his platelets, blood counts, and weight are “steady,” and “cancer indicators are coming down.” But while he’s dealt with his fair share of pain in the past, like ruptured discs and kidney stones, he wasn’t expecting the “surges that come on of deep, deep sadness” that he's experienced.

But what’s kept him in good spirits? The support of his fans across the country… and cancer survivors, too. “I’ve had so many contacts from people who have survived cancer for 10 years, 12, years 14 years,” he noted. “I am now a 30-day survivor... I’m going to catch up to those other people.” Check out a clip of the interview below.

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