Philly Man Saw 316 Movies At One Of Our Local Theaters Last Year

We all love the movies, but there is a man who LOVES the movies — and he’s right in our area! Glenn Miller saw 316 movies last year at the Regal UA Riverview Plaza on Columbus Boulevard — 316! That’s nearly one every single day! reports that Miller, who is 65 of West Philly, saw more movies in 2018 than any other single Regal Crown Club rewards member in the entire COUNTRY! Regal was so happy with his repeat business, they gave him a private screening at the Riverview and a $500 gift card!

He says he loves the movies because it’s a new place to “hang and a new form of entertainment” for him. He himself was even shocked at the number. It looks like he might not top the number this year, as he says he’s cutting back. He’s a single dad of three grown songs, but he’s now got “other interests to divert” him these days.

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