Here's The Best Time To Book Your Hotel To Get A Deal

While many of us are probably excited about our summer vacations, nobody likes to spend more money than they need to, especially when it comes to hotels, especially since rates are always changing. So, when is the right time to book to get the best deal?

Well, according to a new report from travel app Hopper, when to book will depend on where you are going. For example, if you are traveling to a large city that welcomes a lot of business travelers, you’ll probably find a better deal if you wait to book within one to two weeks of your trip. The only problem is you may not get the exact hotel you want since rooms in those cities are more likely to be booked, but if there are available rooms, chances are hotels will bring them down in price.

Now, it’s a whole other story if you’re booking a trip to a small city, like say a beach town. Since there are fewer rooms, and most people are going there for a leisure vacation, experts say it’s best to book three to four months in advance, since prices will likely be higher at the last minute.

Of course, there are other ways you could save money. For example:

  • Be smart about when you check in:Certain days of the week are bound to cost more money. Research suggests Sundays will give you the cheapest rate, while Tuesday and the middle of the week tend to be much higher.
  • Pick up the phone:Sometimes you can actually get a better rate simply by calling the hotel directly and asking for one. And if they can’t cut a price, they may throw in something like free breakfast.
  • Use coupons:While not common, sometimes you can find coupons for hotels at truck stops or rest areas. You can also get discounts through your AAA membership, or even sometimes through work.
  • Look for alternatives:It could definitely pay to check out Airbnbs in the area, or even try booking a room in a nearby suburb with easy access to where you want to go.

Source:Market Watch

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