The 10 Worst Streets for Potholes in Philly, Ranked

Think your street in Philly or the surrounding area has the WORST potholes? Well, check to see if it made this new list of the definitive worst streets. There's a new analysis out by the City Controller's office of completed road repairs... or should we say, incomplete road repairs. About 80% of all repairs are for potholes. And if your street DID land on it, we hope that you get some relief soon!

The top 10:

1. S. Swanson Street

2. S. 63rd Street

3. Lincoln Drive

4. St. Martins Lane

5. Ogontz Avenue

6. W. Chesnut Hill Avenue

7. Krewstown Road

8. Washington Avenue

9. W. Chelten Avenue

10. W. Springfield Avenue

(the pic below is from Chicago, but you get the idea ;)

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