Halloween Candy: How Long Does It Stay Good?

The kids went trick or treating last night.So just how long does Halloween candy last and what’s the best way to keep it tasty? Here are some guidelines according to experts!

•    Store leftover Halloween candy in a cool, dry area

•    For best results, place candy in a sealed airtight container or a resealable plastic bag.

•    Some storage times for keeping Halloween treats at their best quality*:

•    Chocolate-covered candy bars: 10-12 Months

•    Peanut butter cups: 6-8 Months

•    Hard candies: 1 Year

•    Caramels: 6-9 Months

•    Jelly beans: 8-10 Months

•    Candy Corn: 6-8 Months

•    Chewing Gum: 8-10 Months