Woman shocked to see her 'Dead' Ex Alive at at Local Restaurant.

This story is out of Australia. Rachel and Alistair worked together. Soon after romance started between them."Alistair" allegedly broke his hand in a fight. He needed $1,000, and Rachel had no reason to suspect he was the kind of guy that dodges his debt. So she gave him the money. He only paid back $300 and they split soon after.

"It was not like anyone cheated or anything, there was nothing catastrophic," Rachel told ABC News.

Then Alistair disappeared. Though it was Rachel who cut it off, it didn't seem like his reason for disappearing. She found out he also borrowed $2,200 from his friends, and things became sketchy. 

And then Rachel received word that Alistair was DEAD! Alistair's mom told his friends her son had been murdered because he owed money to a biker gang (a believable fib, to give them some credit).

But, after two years, Rachel and her friend went to a local restaurant and saw both Alistair's brother and the deceased ex-boyfriend himself. She went into shock, and then the manager told them to leave. When they called the restaurant, someone told them that nobody with her ex-boyfriend's name was an employee there

A few years after that,Rachel saw her ghosting lover again, at a different restaurant. It appeared that Alistair did not care!. 

"We made eye contact, and you could see he recognized me," she said. "I was like, 'Long time no see!' And he went, 'Oh yeah, it has been a long time.'" 

She started interrogating him. With incredible tact, he suddenly pretended he had no idea who she was!

That is where the story ends. It was good she got out of the relationship early and he didn't take more! What a jerk!!!

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