Captain Kirk Claps back at Millennials during a Twitter feud!

PM Jacinda Ardern Attends Rocket Lab Factory Opening

PM Jacinda Ardern Attends Rocket Lab Factory Opening

Actor William Shatner is at it again! The actor best known for playing Captain Kirk on TV and the Movies was feuding this week on Twitter with a couple of Twitter users.One used the phrase 'OK Boomer' which is used to show youthful exasperation at older people. Shatner is not even a boomer... he is older... 88!!!!! The other Twitter user reportedly blamed older people for Millennial hardships!

Shatner erupted with the following responses-":sweetheart that's compliment to me" ( the Boomer comment).He said, "is that all your generation does is point fingers and blame others for their pity parties?". Shatner has feuded with many on Twitter. There is still fight in him!


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