Couple throws out $20,000 by accident. It is found and returned to them!

The Maldives - On The Front Line Of Climate Change

The Maldives - On The Front Line Of Climate Change

Have you ever thrown out something by accident and didn't even know until someone told you?The NY Times has the story from Midsomer Norton, England, where a couple had dropped off boxes at a dump after cleaning out the home of a deceased relative, who had a habit of hiding cash. Upon discovering that one box containing a household item also contained a separate box with stacks of bills, a staffer at the facility alerted team members, who called police, then analyzed CCTV footage to see who had left the money behind.

After using on-site license plate recognition cameras to identify a vehicle, officers interviewed a couple from Burnham-on-Sea, without revealing that anything had been found, until they were sure the money was theirs. "Shocked" that they'd unwittingly thrown out $20,000, the couple in their mid- to late 60s thanked the staffer who found the box with an undisclosed reward, per theTimes. Police, meanwhile, praised employees' actions as going beyond the "reasonable enquiries" that would typically be expected. "Without their diligent attitude, integrity and assistance, the family would never have known about the money found, and we would not have been able to return it to them, especially in time for Christmas," a police statement reads, per Metro.

Source:NY Times

Source Newser


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