A company sends a man the same letter 55,000 times!

(NEWSER)– Dan Cain was expecting a statement about his daughter's student loan. He was not expecting 55,000 copies. But when the Ohio man showed up to the Twinsburg Post Office, he was told his mail wouldn't fit through the front door, reportsWOIO. Driving around back, he saw postal workers moving two huge bins containing 79 smaller bins, each with about 700 letters crammed inside. Altogether, there were more than 55,000 identical statements about the loan, sent from College Avenue Student Loans, which blames a glitch in its mailing system. "I was shocked. Are you kidding me?" says Cain, who couldn't fit all the letters in his truck, so had to return for a second pickup. "Who makes that kind of mistake?"

A rep for the company says it's working with Cain on a solution, "including picking up the mail from him if possible and a statement credit for the inconvenience," perFox News. For now, the letters are being stashed in Cain's garage. "I may just start ... a bonfire and burn it all," he tells WOIO. "I just hope it doesn't happen again. I might just have to return to sender." Cain will get at least one more letter from the company, however. It will fix an error included in the statement, as the company used the incorrect interest rate in its calculations, Cain says, perCNN. The loan firm is likely kicking itself for another reason: The news outlet notes that "if the company used a bulk rate discount of between 18 and 20 cents a letter, it would have cost up to $11,000 to mail the 55,000 statements."



The Expected Budget Deficit Of US Postal Service Grows To 7 Billion For '09

The Expected Budget Deficit Of US Postal Service Grows To 7 Billion For '09

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