How To Deal With Stress On Your Commute In Philadelphia!

More than 150 million people commute to work by car, and another 7.6 million take mass transit. And they all have one thing in common: STRESS!!!!!!

Commuting can actually be bad for your health. Symptoms can include racing heart, sweating, anxiety and irritability, and those sudden mood swings can lead to depression and ongoing anxiety.

Here are 5 tips that might help you cope when getting to work is getting to you:

1-Call and connect with others. Hands-free, of course. Call a friend or loved one and have a conversation -- it can leave you feeling better.

2-Let go of negative feelings. There's nothing you can do about the traffic, so try to focus on things that make you feel better.

3-Listen to the radio, a podcast or audiobook. When you focus on something positive, it distracts you from the immediate negatives of your commute.

4-Don't get hangry. Don't commute on an empty stomach -- it'll just make your mood that much worse. Keep snacks in the car if you need to.

5-Practice gratitude. Remind yourself of the positives of getting to work, like earning enough to keep your family happy and healthy. (NBC News)

Source: NBC News

Image: Inquirer

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